Week 3 Menu Plan

The weeks are just rolling by. I am going to stick to the same formula as last week – super healthy during the week and normal healthy at the weekend. Last week I said that the kids would just have to eat what they were given – and would you know, they did, and didn’t. So now I know – they eat when hungry and don’t – even if it is sausages – when not. So here is this week’s plan: (Click on the days for the link to the recipes.)

Monday: Spiced tomato soup, with a boiled egg in it!!

Tuesday: Coconut Chicken Salad

Wednesday: Tortilla Turkey Pizza

Thursday: Beef and Pomegranate kebab

Friday: Dijon Turkey Wrap

Saturday: Spicy Shrimp and Red Cabbage Salad

Sunday: Roasted Duck

Good luck and let all hungry stomachs enjoy!